Lending Hand - Second Chance Financing

Get Back on the Road Regardless of Your Credit

Have you had financial issues in the past that have affected your current credit score? At Trillium Ford Lincon Ltd. we have the resources to help!

Trillium Ford Lincoln has a wide selection of second chance financing solutions designed to help you get into your new, or new-to-you, vehicle – all while rebuilding (or establishing) your credit.

Our Financial Advisors are aware of the issues that can cause financial stress: divorce, sudden job loss, or illness. Even though it’s not your fault, these situations can affect your credit negatively. So how do you get to work, in order to rebuild your credit & your finances, without a lending hand?

Get the Finance You Need

Trillium Ford Lincon Ltd.’s team of professionals will help you find the perfect financing solution for your specific needs and help you get your credit back on track. At Trillium Ford Lincoln we’ll work WITH YOU help you understand the credit options available based on your current credit score, and help you make the best decision.

We have helped thousands of clients with credit issues get the financing they need for their next vehicle. Let us take the lead and answer your questions while explaining all of the financing options available to you in detail. Click below to find out more, and accept a Lending Hand